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Your friends, family, and most importantly the police won’t believe you without evidence. You cannot just take pictures of lights in the sky and say drones are following you everywhere and expect to get help. At best, that approach is likely to drive away those you care about most, and at worst land you in a mental ward. Instead, you must show consistent, scientific evidence of the weapon attacks.

Getting organized does not just mean organizing your own video and photo evidence files in an intelligent way. It means linking up to a group in your area, so you can cooperatively pool your resources and energy toward positive action.


Document it

It's important to not only share your own evidence, so there are plenty of backup copies, but also to let others know what actions you are taking. State coordinators should carefully document all efforts of local groups (city council speeches, legislator meetings, police reports, FBI visits, attorney general complaints, media interviews, legal actions, etc.) and share those details with national coordinators. The goal is to create a strong network, prove this is happening on a very large scale (not just a few isolated cases), and document that the proper authorities are all being notified so they cannot say they weren't informed.

Organize it


Report it

Although sometimes it can seem like everyone is against you, that is not true. This technology is designed to create paranoia. If you’ve had a bad experience with a particular police officer, then ask to see another one. Be careful listening to people who tell you all the reasons why you cannot do anything to stop the situation. They probably aren’t on your side. Reports need to be presented in a carefully prepared manner.

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